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Product description


Toppik is a unique formula of tiny microfibers which intertwine with your own hair and bond strongly. They are made of the same protein that build human hair. The newest technology for thickening hair gives your hair remarkably natural appearance.

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Product details

What is the Toppik ?

If you have thinning hair we have an immediate solution for you. It’s not a spray, cream or paste. It’s the newest technology of thickening hair so different from the ones you have already known.

Our method is quick and effective. You just have to sprinkle your thinning hair with fibers to see a head full of hair within seconds. It may seem as if you’ve just had a hair transplant. Toppik is entirely safe for your hair and scalp. Fibers are made of pure organic protein, the same protein that builds human hair.

Toppik fibers give such a natural look that it is impossible for anybody to notice them.

Toppik colors

How to choose a correct color ?

Look at the mirror to see the exact color of your hair especially the one at the base. This is the color that you should choose the fibers to. If you have highlights or your hair is turning grey you should choose the color that is dominant or buy two bottles of Toppik. If you die your hair choose the color that is similar to the hair-dye.

Possibility of joining colors

Fibers can be combined in order to get a better effect. First it is advised to apply a darker color and then use a lighter one. Similar method may be used when hair is turning grey. First use the fibers of the natural color of your hair and then sprinkle it with white or grey ones. 

Exchanges guarantee

If the color of the fibers you’ve chosen does not match your hair, send it back to us with a note that you want fibers in a different color. Don’t forget to send us your address.

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Directions for use

Dry up your hair by using a towel or a hair dryer. Toppik should be applied only on dry hair.

Sprinkle your hair with the fibers holding the container about 5 cm from your head.

If some fibers fall on your forehead or shoulders just shake them off.

If the thinning areas are at the back of your head you can either bow your head down or use another mirror to see better the places for sprinkling. It won’t take long before you get into practice and then this activity will take you only a while.

If the thinning areas are at the front hairline you can cover your forehead with your hand while sprinkling fibers. It will prevent fibers from falling onto your forehead. There is also a special gadget called Optimizer that can help you to achieve a natural looking hairline in less time and using less product.

After applying fibers on your head you should gently spread them with your fingertips. You can also use a comb or a hairbrush. Soon you will notice that your hair is easier to style while using fibers.

If the thinning areas are still noticeable, sprinkle them with Toppik fibers again untill the satisfying effect is achieved. Then spray it with a hair spray. The container with Toppik should be kept in a dry place.

The whole process of applying fibers can be facilitated by a special Optimizer and Maximizer.



I recommend Toppik to my patients. It is a safe product, easy to use and most of all gives a natural look to their hair. My patients who suffer from baldness use Toppik as a perfect completion of hair transplant.

- Dow Stough M.D., Dallas, TX

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Because of an illness I lost lots of hair but your product made me look 10 years younger. Thanks to you I am a new, self-confident woman.

- Susan Frazer, Luisville, KY

When I ordered Toppik for the first time I thought it was another joke product. You can imagine how amazed I was when it turned out to work exactly like in an ad.

- Pat McWhorter, Lansing, MI

I am so excited that Toppic really works. It is so easy to apply and the results are immediate. I used to struggle with thinning hair for many years but you solved my problem at once.

- John Russet, Spartanburg, SC

After using Toppik for the first time I felt a great difference. I am really happy that such a product is available to everyone.

- Christine Hawley, Santa Barbara, CA

It was as if I had a hair transplant within seconds.

- Jason Weinraub, Rockville, IL

Customer questions

1. What is Toppik made of ?
Toppik fibers are made of pure organic protein which is the same protein that builds human hair. They are charged with static electricity so they intertwine with your own hair and bond securely. Fibers do not contain any harmful substances.

2. Does Toppik affect hair growth ?
No. Toppik has a neutral influence on hair. It can neither help your hair grow nor damage it in any way.

3. How to use Toppik and Minoxidil at the same time ?
First apply Minoxidil or any other topical treatment and then sprinkle your hair with fibers. At night use only topical treatment.

4. What will happen if some fibers fall onto my clothes or bed sheet ?
The fibers are 100% colorfast so even if they fall onto some surface they will not get it dirty. To get rid of them it is enough to shake them off.

5. I have salt and pepper hair. What fibers should I use to get the best results ?
First use the fibers of the natural color of your hair and then sprinkle it with white or grey ones. They will blend perfectly.

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