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Product description

3 x Verdini Economy Pack 3x28g

VERDINI is the best quality premium hair fibers. Unlike most similar products, VERDINI not only makes your hair look thicker and fuller but also sticks to it strongly and never falls off.

Now you can have both a head full of hair and the comfort that your clothes will never get dirty, your pillow will always be clean and your white shirts will always stay white. No other fibers can do it. 99% fibers on the market make clothes dirty, leave dark traces on pillows and when you touch your hair after using such products you can see a fiber mist starting to raise upon your head and slowly falling around making visible marks.

Try VERDINI and forget about such problems for ever. If you are using any other hair fibers you have to try VERDINI and we guarantee you that you will never switch back to your old fibers. If you don't love our product send it back to us. We will return you all money with no question asked.

Price:  73.90 EUR

Availability: Delivery 48h (Courier)


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