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Product description

Nanogen 30g

Nanogen is the modern, unisex and sophisticated styling brand dedicated to make your hair look awesome. With millions of instant and jaw-dropping transformations under our belt, Nanogen are hair fibre experts and leaders in the field. Nanogen is easy to apply with stunning visible results you can see instantly as you apply. You can change the way you think about your hair for the better - starting today. Virtually undetectable and discreet.

Price:  35.00 EUR

Availability: Delivery 48h (Courier)


Quantity discount (calculated automatically):

price for 1 bottle, when you order 2 bottles: 33.00 EUR

price for 1 bottles, when you order 3 bottles: 31.00 EUR

price for 1 bottles, when you order 4 bottles: 30.00 EUR

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