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Product description

3x Couvre Masking Lotion 35ml - Light Brown

Our method is quick and effective. It gently darkens scalp and thickens hair. It may seem as if you’ve just had a hair transplant. It is entirely safe for your hair and scalp. Couvre gives such a natural look that it is impossible for anybody to notice them, even from close range.

The best thing about Couvre is that it works in a really subtle way. It will cover thinning areas in the front, in the back or at the crown of your head. The special fomulation makes it really long-lasting. It neither stains nor greases your hair. It feels nice. Couvre allows you to do sport, sweat and even swim. When you want to remove it, just wash your hair with a shampoo and it will be gone.

On this site is Couvre only in 1 colour available: light brown. If you need other colours please open "ALL PRODUCTS" website or click just "COUVRE" category in the main menu.

Price:  169.00 EUR

Availability: Delivery 48h (Courier)


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price for 1 bottle, when you order 2 bottles: 168.00 EUR

price for 1 bottles, when you order 3 bottles: 167.00 EUR

price for 1 bottles, when you order 4 bottles: 166.00 EUR

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